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How will Trump's meeting with China's president affect trade and North Korea?

Dana Loesch

Tomorrow President Donald Trump will be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and with the abundance of criticism then candidate Trump has heaped on China for unfair trade practices, speculation is abounding as to what will occur when the two world leaders meet.

Gordon Chang is an author and expert on the Asian region, and he joined Dana Loesch to discuss what we can expect before, after and during the anticipated meeting.

"This will set the tone so far as this administration is concerned for relations between U.S. and China," Dana said.

Chang believes the meeting will focus on both the growing security threat posed by North Korea and also trade relations with China.

"The North Koreans are within about four years from being able to hit the American city of their choice with a nuclear weapon." Gordon stated. "The other big issue is trade. China has been engaging in increasingly predatory trade practices, especially during the rule of XI Jinping and Trump needs to stop them. From China's viewpoint, they don't really need to change anything. Everything is working in the relationship for them. Trump has to reverse course."

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