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If you don't edit your iPhone slideshow, you could end up with one that looks like this

The Wonderful World of Stu

Have you ever handed your phone over to someone to show them some photos, only to realize you probably should have deleted or moved some items before sharing them with the unsuspecting public? Well, you'll wish "Wonderful World of Stu's" Stu Burguiere had done that before he shared "Stu's Slideshow."

It features screen caps of his Hitler audiobooks, photos of weird hotel devices, children being consumed by giant bowling pins, and Glenn Beck without make up.

There's even a photo of the cable guide screen listing of Stu's time slot competitor, "Do You Poop Enough?" He said the answer is "No."

And will we have a "Stu and Jeffy 2020" presidential ticket?! Stu's inattention to oversharing indicates it's a Maybe! Well, somebody made the graphics for a bumper sticker.

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