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IHOP to change name after 60 years to ‘IHOb’ – what does the ‘b’ stand for?

Glenn Beck

What’s going on?

The International House of Pancakes has teased a new moniker in a tweet, telling fans that after 60 years, its name will “flip” to become “IHOb.”

What does the “b” signify? IHOP won’t say, even after Twitter users flooded the tweet with replies questioning the name change and trying to guess what “b” will stand for in the new name. IHOP says the answer will be revealed on June 11.

Glenn’s take:

On radio and TheBlaze TV today, Glenn and Stu wrapped up a show of serious topics with this lighthearted story. Glenn was skeptical about the restaurant chain’s switch to “IHOb,” theorizing that this was just a marketing stunt.

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