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International House of Burgers'? Check out the best, worst Twitter reactions to 'IHOb


IHOP recently teased a name change, flipping its "P" to a "b." The pancake chain announced this week that the "b" stands for "burgers." Most people were nonplussed at this decision ... aren't there already about a million places to get a good burger?

On today's show, Doc, Kris and Martin talked about the best restaurant chain Twitter reactions to "IHOb," along with the not-so-great responses that were a bit too corporate.

Burger King changed its display name and logo to "Pancake King" and got snarky on Twitter about IHOP encroaching on burger territory.

Of course, the Wendy's social media team ruled the timeline with their contribution:

Doc thought the Steak 'n' Shake attempt was a bit too formal and corporate:

He was also lukewarm on Whataburger's contribution, which was similar to Burger King's but in his opinion, didn't go far enough.

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