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Iran sentenced another American citizen on bogus 'espionage' charges

Glenn Beck

Iran’s judiciary announced on Sunday that the court has sentenced an American student from Princeton University to ten years in prison.

Xiyue Wang is a naturalized U.S. citizen from China who was researching Persian history and studying 100-year-old documents last August for his doctoral thesis when Iran jailed the scholar on spying charges.

The New York Times reported that Iran’s judiciary accused Wang of entering the country under the guise of a researcher and working for American and British intelligence.

Wang’s family is working with the State Department and has requested that the university keeps the matter private.

Colleagues, who offer nothing but praise for the student and family man, are shocked by Iran’s accusations and their decision to imprison Wang, furthering the dwindling relationship between Iran and the US.

This comes nearly a year after Jason Rezaian, a correspondent for The Washington Post, was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison by Iran for espionage and “propaganda against the establishment” in 2015.

Rezaian was released from an Iranian prison on January 18, 2016, after being held for more than 500 days.

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