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Is Congress really taking away your privacy on the internet?

Dana Loesch

On Tuesday Congress voted to repeal regulations adopted by the Obama administration only last fall. The new regulations had placed internet service providers under stricter scrutiny than websites with respect to consumers' private data, giving an unfair advantage to businesses like Google.

Many are claiming Republican lawmakers will be allowing internet service providers to sell consumers' private information to the highest bidder. Dana Loesch was joined by Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment to discuss the ramifications of the change in regulation.

"What the FCC is expected to do then is to reverse the entire regulatory scheme the Obama Administration imposed on the internet, and give the whole privacy issue back to the Federal Trade Commission, which is where it always was historically, until just a couple of years ago," Kerpen stated.

Phil went on to explain that returning these regulations back to the FTC would place websites and ISPs alike on level regulatory ground.

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