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It’s not violent to pretend to cut off the president’s head -- if he’s a Republican

Matt Walsh

One of the greatest comedic minds of our generation, Kathy Griffin, has been subjected to sexist criticism simply because she pretended to cut off President Donald Trump's head. Matt Walsh explained that it's not violent or offensive at all, because the president is a Republican.

If you took social justice classes like he did, you would have learned that it is scientifically impossible for someone who is not a cisgendered straight white Christian male to be violent. Violence is a social construct used to oppress marginalized communities. Griffin was just taking it back.

Sexists are angry at Griffin, Walsh asserted, because only men are allowed to dismember anyone. Speaking of which, literally thousands of prominent conservatives took pictures of themselves with Obama's bloody head, and he has proof that he will absolutely show you -- later.

And anyone upset about how eleven-year-old Barron Trump might feel about seeing his father's severed head needs to instead check Barron's privilege. He should thought of that before he was conceived by Donald Trump.

Walsh did not advocate for violence against Trump; he just recognized that the president is literally Hitler and will eradicate all life on Earth -- and that if you disagree with him, you should die in a fire.

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