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Johah Goldberg explains the latest Trump-Russia controversy using this famous parable

Glenn Beck

National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg joined Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to analyze the Trump administration after a series of alarming reports.

The Trump administration is under fire after multiple incidents, including the president’s decision to abruptly fire FBI director James Comey during an investigation into Russia’s influence on the election, the administration’s contradictory reasons for firing him, a meeting with Russian officials that allowed their photographer to take pictures in the Oval Office, and multiple news reports that President Donald Trump shared classified information about the fight against ISIS with Russian officials at the same meeting.

In the latest news, Trump has been accused of asking then-FBI director Comey to stop the investigation into Gen. Mike Flynn, who was Trump’s national security adviser until leaks revealed his dishonesty about a meeting with Russian intelligence before the election.

Goldberg compared Trump to a classic parable from G.K. Chesterton, the famed British writer, journalist, and Christian apologist who wrote “Orthodoxy.” Chesterton compared the modern reformer to someone who goes up to a gate or a fence and thinks it should be taken down because they don’t know the reason for it. In a similar way, Trump doesn’t understand the reasoning behind normal rules and procedures, so he thinks he should throw out traditional rules and go with his own off-the-cuff style.

“It seems utterly plausible that he can just be like, ‘Oh, was I not supposed to do that?’” Goldberg said of Trump’s reported comments on Flynn.

The mainstream media’s problem is that they want to portray Trump as both an idiot and a mastermind who is engineering collusion with Russia and a cover-up, but those two things are contradictory, Goldberg asserted.

“The problem with the left is they all want to make it about Russia, collusion; they want to go to 11 on all this stuff, and they want to have it both ways. This is George W. Bush II,” he said.

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