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Joy Villa: 'The media thrives on controversy' and 'loves to exploit' racism


Singer Joy Villa made waves with her irrepressible attitude last February when she graced the Grammys’ in a stunning “Make America Great Again” gown. Now she’s spreading her upbeat message through music, debuting her new song titled, “Make America Great Again.”

“I believe art should unify rather than divide,” Joy told Dana Loesch today on “Dana.” “I believe America is stronger than ever.” She went on to add, “My message has always been about unity and love, and inspiring people to be better. And I believe that aligning my message with the unity of the American people is something that American really needs right now.”

Dana acknowledged that being a conservative in Hollywood is no easy mission. “How has that been for you?” Dana asked. “Because I’ve never seen you ever look downcast.”

“It’s hard,” admitted Joy, but later added, “The media thrives on controversy, and anytime there is a little bit of racism thrown in there, they love to exploit that. And it’s really selfish and very destructive of the media to do this because they’re pushing that message out there. They’re scaring people, and where there is fear, there’s not going to be action. There’s not going to be hope.”

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