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Khamenei claims their apocalyptic spiritual figure is here -- but has not yet revealed himself

Glenn Beck

War with Iran might be a very real possibility, as the foretold Twelfth Imam apparently walks among us today while the country develops a nuclear weapons program. Glenn Beck explained what this means to the Think Tank panel using the chalkboard on today’s “Glenn.”

Former military intelligence officer Jason Buttrill reported that Ayatollah Khamenei preached a sermon in the past couple of days saying the the 12th Imam has not yet revealed himself, but is here and invisible.

The prophecy of the 12th Imam is "the exact mirror opposite of the book of Revelation," Glenn said, referring to a book in the Bible that is frequently associated with the end of society as we know it.

Nuking Israel and spreading blood across the entire planet would hasten the Imam's return, according to Islamic lore. He then rules the world, destroying the enemies of Iran, with Jesus testifying that to his leadership.

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