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Kim Jong-un is a dictator without a tailor


On Tuesday's “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck and the gang had a lot of questions about North Korean President Kim Jong-un’s appearance at a North Korean military parade over the weekend.

Glenn pointed out that the characteristics of a dictatorship include having showy military parades, featuring large images of leaders on the sides of buildings and ordering your troops to march in goosestep. The guys also analyzed Kim Jong-un’s ensemble, with Pat Gray noting that the North Korean supreme leader was wearing something close to a suit for the first time.

Glenn disagreed that Kim Jong-un’s outfit resembled a proper suit. “Everything on him looks like, ‘You need a tailor,’” he quipped.

He dove back into a “Pat & Stu” discussion from Monday, when the guys wondered why Kim Jong-un isn’t much fatter, given that he’s a dictator with infinite resources at his disposal.

As Stu Burguiere explained, “Jeffy, for example, might be a little overweight; however, he is limited by his circumstances …” Kim Jong-un on the other hand can eat anything he wants and order his people to tell him that he looks wonderful.

“If you’re Kim Jong-un, everybody has to say, ‘Oh dear leader, you are smoking hot,’” Glenn said.

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