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Non-binary 'groomer' says adults are 'problematic' and kids are 'here for a good time'


Lauren Boebert ranks third for most viewed Tweets about 'groomers,' and her response was excellent

Libs of TikTok posted a video of a teacher/groomer who in addition to culturally appropriating Chinese culture by wearing an Asian-style shirt, praised students for "seeing" him or her before he or she "was ready to be seen."

The tweet read: "Non-binary teacher explains 'kids brains are more elastic' and that’s how 'they' get students to use they/them pronouns and the Mx honorific."

The only question that must be asked is why any adult feels such a deep need to be understood and accepted by children — except for groomers.

House Rep. Lauren Boebert was third for most viewed tweets about groomers. Her response was excellent.

"My tweets about groomers are only third? Guess that means I have to tweet about these sick, demented groomers even more." - Lauren Boebert

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