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'INSANE' email sent to all Loudoun County school principals shows what they REALLY think of parents


'Stay Safe, fellow Totalitarians!'


Loudoun County Public Schools are in hot water again. Remember, this is the school district that brutalized, arrested, and then smeared as a "domestic terrorist" the father of one of two girls who were sexually assaulted by a "boy in a skirt."

Then, in what might be an attempt to distract people from its abysmal handling of a known rapist in the schools, the school district went full draconian overlord on "mask enforcement," bucking Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin's (R) executive order empowering parents to decide whether their children wear face masks in schools.

Recently, Loudoun County Public Schools sent out an email to all principals, according to Twitter user Ned Ryan, and it looks like they don't take kindly to those pesky parents who think they have rights in public schools. Here are a few of the email's friendly reminders:

  • Parents should only be admitted at [staff] discretion.
  • While parents have certain educational rights, they do NOT have the right to enter your school without proper vetting and permission.
  • For parents picking up kids, consider keeping them outside and bring their child to them.
  • For non-compliant peaceful parents or students, SRO's and Safety and Security will support school admin with a visible deterrent ....
Here's Ryan's tweet showing the full email:

Parents and fellow Twitter users were not too happy:

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