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Man sorely regrets injecting penis with cocaine as it turns black and ROTS


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A 35-year-old man showed up at a hospital in New York after injecting his penis with cocaine and subsequently watching in horror as his member turned black and began to rot, according to emergency room doctors at BronxCare Hospital Center.

The unidentified man reportedly spent three days with “excruciating and progressive penile and scrotal pain" that started almost immediately after the injection. Doctors reported "ulcerations and swelling" on his penis and scrotum with "foul-smelling serous discharge" as well as "necrosis" of the penis, the medical term for rotting tissue.

The man admitted this wasn't the first time he'd made the stunning decision to inject cocaine directly into the "dorsal vein" of his penis, stating that he had tempted fate "at least two times in the past two weeks without any complications."

His condition reportedly “improved slowly” after five days of intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics, and he was released with a ten-day course of oral antibiotics. Doctors said the patient "refused to go for drug rehabilitation treatment and was later lost to follow-up."

The horrifying tale was documented in the American Journal of Case Reports, complete with graphic photos we strongly warn against viewing. But if you must, proceed at your own peril here.

Doctors who treated the patient concluded, "Our case highlights the importance of taking a thorough history from i.v. drug users, as they are at risk of injecting drugs into unusual sites, such as the dorsal penile vein. It is important for the physician to counsel active i.v. drug users regarding possible complications of injecting drugs in atypical and dangerous injection sites."

Man’s penis turns black and rots after he injected it with cocaine youtu.be

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