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Man on the street berates Asian woman, invokes Trump, and gets punched in the face by an onlooker


A man went on a bizarre and racist tirade against an Asian woman on the streets of Los Angeles two weeks ago. In the video, the man is heard yelling racist slurs directed at the woman near a Los Angeles Metro. Jeanne Heo filmed the verbal tirade and posted it to Twitter and Jan. 29th where it garnered over 2 million views.

"Are you tired? You look sleepy," he said. He then asked her if she spoke English and whether or not she was American.

"Where are your genetics from? Are you Korean?" he continued.


His racially pointed questions escalated quickly and became increasingly aggressive.

"F*** you, go back to Asia," he burst out. "Let's nuke you, Trump, god bless Trump, we're going to nuke you guys. You're ugly and you have a flat face and an ugly nose."

It's not clear as to why the man targeted the woman in the video. Regardless of what triggered him, Pat and Keith agreed it was completely unacceptable.

The Los Angeles Police Department told BuzzFeed News "it’s basically two people who are having a verbal disagreement, but no actual crime has been committed."


Kaj-Erik Eriksen, an actor who recognized the man as being a member of a nearby 24 Hour Fitness told management about the incident and demanded that he be banned. "If these racists want to come out of the woodwork and be so ballsy, they have to suffer the consequences,” he said.

It brought up an interesting question for Pat and producer Keith: should private businesses ban members for their behavior?

You be the judge.

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