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Matt Walsh: Chromosomes are a right wing myth perpetrated by Fox News

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh, who recognizes that he was born a "gelatinous mass of nothingness," managed to survive a close encounter with the clear hatred and right wing propaganda he discovered in a book on human biology.

Being the pro-science person that he is, he was in the science section of his local bookstore attempting to find a book on the effects of climate change on bisexuals . Instead, he stumbled across "How the Body Works,"  which is nothing like the biology book he got in his gender studies class.

First, he pointed out that, instead of the book having blank pages and crayons with which the reader could "draw in whatever you want," there were a "lot of words already written in there." Second, it claims that sex is determined by our chromosomes, not our feelings -- which, he noted, is clearly a myth invented by Fox news.

Walsh was also incensed that it says he, a man, cannot ovulate, but he blamed his rage on PMS.

"For the sake of science and free speech," he declared, "these science books need to be banned. We cannot allow science to get in the way of science!"

To see more from Matt Walsh, visit his channel on TheBlaze.

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