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McCarthy on latest NSA leaker: We should expect more leakers and more leaks

Dana Loesch

Federal contractor Reality Leigh Winner has been charged with leaking classified documents, which she mailed from a government facility to a reporter. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy explained to Dana Loesch on "Dana" tonight why it is so hard to prevent such leaks from occurring.

He disclosed that federal agencies have "so many open cases on bad guys" that they don't have enough resources to track people they "actually suspect of wrong doing."

He estimated there are 5.1 million people who have access to the type of information Winner leaked. He doesn't imagine that Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Winner are the only such leakers who think "There's got to be a lot more of this that we don't know about."

Assange's Wikileaks is portraying her as a whistle blower. Dana pointed out that if she had pure motivations, there are proper channels she could have gone through instead of mailing documents to the press.

McCarthy agreed, saying Winner is from a military chain of command and knows how to do things properly, suspecting she is "anti-American and has an agenda and sought to hurt the country."

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