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Mo Brooks urges GOP congressmen to show courage — like the Democrats

Glenn Beck

Representative Mo Brooks (R–Ala.) called into "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday morning to expand on his remarkably succinct Obamacare repeal bill, which consist of only a single sentence.

Brooks explained that despite the bill's massive impact, there are no parliamentary or legal roadblocks to a full, immediate repeal. However, he worries that the Republican Party lacks the necessary courage to proceed with a full repeal:

"The matter is whether we've got enough Republican senators with the intellect — i.e., the understanding of the issue, hopefully from a constitutional perspective or a conservative perspective. That's one requirement we have to have. And other requirement we have to have is people who have the kind of backbone that the Democrats show on a regular basis. They fight for their principles, and they will fight to the last person to promote or defend their principles. But on the Republican side, we have a lot of congressmen and senators who are real squeamish about doing the right thing, and that's very frustrating."

Glenn disagreed, pointing out that he could see no reason for GOP congressmen to fear a full repeal of Obamacare, considering they have firm control of both the legislative and executive branches. He surmised that the GOP's failure to act was caused not by cowardice but by misalignment with conservative principles.

"That's what I used to believe, that they were just cowards. I don't think so. I don't think that they believe the same things that we believe," Glenn concluded.

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