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Next for Syria: Regime change or genocide?

Dana Loesch

The Trump administration is receiving strong support for President Donald Trump’s decision to attack a Syrian air base last week. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who recently rebuked Russia for failing the Syrian people, is leading discussions at G-7 meetings in Italy trying to shore up international support before he heads to Moscow later this week.

But Iran and Russia, Syria’s top allies, are saying they will respond with force if there are any further attacks in Syria. Former CIA agent and Senior VP for the Center for Security Policy’s Fred Fleitz joined Dana Loesch to discuss possible consequences for our actions in Syria.

Dana addressed her concern that many are expressing the opinion that we ought to "control the behavior" of Assad and asked Fleitz what that might look like.

Fred believed what we were more likely to do is rush into regime change. "You know what? We can't talk about that until we know what will follow Assad. ...This could be an absolute disaster if we don't think it through," he added, causing Dana to express concerns of an additional genocide of anyone in Syria considered to be a supporter of Assad's regime following his ouster.

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