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Occupy ICE camp in Portland leaves the streets filthy -- feces, trash, and tents everywhere


What a filthy cesspool. Aren't these people supposed to be environmentalists?

In the latest round of anti-I.C.E  crusades, protesters set up an Occupy I.C.E camp and left the area absolutely ravaged.

In fact, the protesters left it in such bad shape the Portland Police Department was forced to cordon off a portion of the site and designate it a biohazard.

Protesters called on the abolishment of I.C.E and left behind make-shift toilets, trash, furniture, and tents. "It was pretty disgusting that that’s how they were living back there,” said a resident to Fox News.

The mayor of Portland said the City would be picking up part of the tab for clean-up. For more on the depravity, click here.

Catch Jeffy and Pat discuss the situation in the clip above. 

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