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Palestinian brags to NPR that flying swastika-marked kites into Israel makes ‘Jews go crazy’


What’s going on?

Palestinians reportedly have been sending swastika-marked kites with petrol bombs over the Gaza border into Israel as part of their continued protest against Israel and the decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Catch me up:

An NPR report on a 19-year-old Palestinian holding such a kite has all the damning details you need to know.

The Gaza resident boasted to NPR that using swastikas makes “Jews go crazy” and that the symbol of Nazism is purposely being used to promote hatred of the Jewish people.

“This is what we want them to know,” he said through a translator, “that we want to burn them.”

Glenn’s take:

On today’s show, Glenn wasn’t happy with how NPR conducted the interview. Why so many chances for the Palestinian to “explain” his use of the Nazi flag?

In any other situation where someone uses a swastika, “we would all rightfully say, ‘This guy’s crazy,’” Glenn said.

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