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Parents, you don't need to be controlled by the 'tyranny of the urgent


Psalm 90:12 says: Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. "DOCK 2" host Tracy Levinson and Pastor Jon Brooks discussed prioritizing parenting, lest precious moments with our children slip away.

The conversation between two empty-nesters began with an attitude of giving yourself grace in the story of your parenting. If you failed or struggled before, just start where you are now to do better.

Jon shared that the "tyranny of the urgent" leads us to often miss the most important people and values in our lives. Without priorities it is hard to be intentional about the profound responsibility of parenting.

Stay tuned as we continue to unfold this poignant and helpful discussion between two educators who are passionate in encouraging parents raising the next generation.

To see more from Tracy, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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