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Paul Ryan’s former Chief of Staff discusses the road ahead for the GOP health care bill

Dana Loesch

President Donald Trump faced his first major legislative hurdle today, which was a critical vote in the House of Representatives on a plan that would roll back the signature health care law of former president Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the vote has been delayed. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s former Chief of Staff, Dave Hoppe, joined Lawrence Jones, who filled in on "Dana" to discuss the road ahead for the GOP and the health care bill.

Hoppe explained that this was going to take some time because of the need to strike a compromise between three different factions: the House Republicans, the Senate Republicans, and the House Freedom Caucus. "There's a little guess work going on with the Republicans in the House and trying to anticipate what they can do with the Senate. And if you look at that, what you will find is that this is necessary right now to work through as they've made some changes," Hoppe said.

Jones, however, wasn't convinced. "They had six years to get their stuff together, and the American people were patient for six years. They asked for the Congress, we gave them the Congress. They asked for the Senate, we gave them the Senate. They asked for the presidency, we gave them the presidency," he said with increasing frustration. "And then you expect them to understand '[the need for] more time.' I don't understand that."

Hoppe suggested that the GOP is working to "get this right," moving the health care system away from a government oriented system back to a market-based, doctor-patient oriented system. Hoppe noted that the Affordable Care Act was originally two bills: one that passed according to the normal rules in Congress, or "regular order," and the other the Reconciliation process.

"What was done in Reconciliation can be undone in Reconciliation. What was done in regular order will have to be undone through regular order," Hoppe stated.

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