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People look at the fake news of Benghazi and see the press as complicit


Glenn Beck weighs in on the proliferation of fake news and points out that it's coming from both sides of the political aisle. He reminds viewers that he was targeted with a fabricated story by Breitbart News when they claimed he supported Hillary Clinton.

"The media is in panic right now over the CIA and Donald Trump, and they should be concerned," Glenn says.

Trump's refusal to receive daily intelligence briefings has come under fire from the mainstream media, but these same outlets were silent about Obama doing the same thing. "There's no difference between those two, they did the same thing — different sides," Glenn reasons.

Glenn is convinced that if we're ever going to make progress, the media has to come to grips with what they've done over the last eight years.

"People look at the fake news of Benghazi and see the press as complicit," Glenn explains. "They know if George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan or anybody else would have done that with national security emails – it would have been the end of the world for that person."

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