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Professor: Here are the 3 most destructive ideas colleges are teaching students today


Jonathan Haidt, a professor at New York University and co-author of "The Coddling of the American Mind," joined Glenn on Monday's episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to discuss how good intentions have led to bad ideas, which are setting up younger generations for failure.

Haidt and co-author Greg Lukianoff observed "strange things" happening on college campuses around 2016, such as speakers being shouted down for having different points of view or the idea that students need a warning before they read a Greek myth or a book that contains any violence.

"They were catastrophizing. 'Oh, if a speaker comes to campus, people will die.' This is disordered thinking," Haidt explained. "Colleges are somehow conveying these ideas that are really, really bad for students and students are taking them to heart and thinking themselves into a depression."

Haidt went on to list the three most destructive ideas that are being propagated on college campuses.

  1. The idea that what doesn't kill you, makes you weaker.
  2. Always trust your feelings.
  3. Life is a battle between good people and evil people.

To convince students of all three is to set them up for a life of weakness, complaint, grievance and failure, Haidt concluded.

So how did we get we arrive at this crossroad in our society and what can we do about it? Watch the video clip above to learn more, or listen to the full conversation in the podcast below.

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