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Real Housewife' D'Andra Simmons talks Christian faith, work with Mercury One


D'Andra Simmons is a business owner and Dallas socialite who is part of "The Real Housewives of Dallas." She's also an ambassador for Mercury One. Simmons joined Glenn in the studio today to talk about her work reaching out to women who have been rescued from harrowing situations of captivity, rape and abuse and why she believes the Christian faith offers healing for them.

"I wasn't educated," Simmons described how working with Mercury One has opened her eyes.

Simmons asserted that we don't talk enough about the violence and horror that people face around the world because it seems so far away from us. But their pain only creates more pain and problems for all of us.

"It does affect us; we do need to worry about it," Simmons said. "The violence that these children are seeing when they're in captivity is destroying an entire generation after them and the generation after them as well."

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