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CHILLING video shows Russia's mobile crematoriums used to 'avoid sending body bags back home': report

Image source: Video screenshot

Russia reportedly has "mobile crematoriums." Yes, crematoriums on wheels that follow along behind troops as they continue to advance into Ukraine, which could be used to hide evidence of the number of casualties, according to a Fox News report.

The British Ministry of Defense released chilling footage that revealed the inner-workings of Russia's horrifying motorized incinerators designed to "get rid of dead soldiers" and "avoid sending body bags back home."

“If I was a soldier, and knew that my generals had so little faith in me that they followed me around the battlefield in a mobile crematorium, or I was the mother or a father of a son, potentially deployed into a combat zone, and my government thought that the way to cover up loss was a mobile crematorium, I’d be deeply, deeply worried,” said U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in the video shared by the Telegraph on Wednesday.

Watch the video below for more details:

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