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Scouts BSA' will require condoms at upcoming World Scout Jamboree

Pat Gray Unleashed

Pat is baffled by this. First girls and openly gay men, now this? What have the Boy Scouts become? Leaders in the organization have now decided that condoms are necessary at a "number of locations" for staff and participants at their 24th World Scout Jamboree this summer.

The World Jamboree will be a multicultural celebration hosted by three national scout organizations including Scouts Canada, sociación de Scouts de México, and the Boy Scouts of America. In their 2016 handbook, the World Scout Committee mandated condoms be available to scouts at the event and that " given to the various cultures and beliefs present."

According to the Daily Mail Online, "The condom mandate was actually made in 2016, following the 2015 World Jamboree in Japan." The event is held every four years but the mandate was made ahead of the 2019 event.

Girl Scouts are allowed to attend and are expected to make up as much as half of the attendees in 2019. Alchohol will be permitted to adults only at the event while all drugs are banned.

The Boy Scouts is now known as Scouts BSA to accommodate the LGBTQI community within its ranks.

The World Jamboree is set to take place in West Virginia from July 21 to Aug. 1.

Catch Pat's commentary on the latest "Scouts BSA" controversy above. Read more on the story here

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