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See what America used to require of immigrants several decades ago


Immigration is what made America populous and diverse, but it used to be handled better. On today's "The Vault," Glenn Beck invited David Barton and Tim Barton from WallBuilders to hang out with him, his daughter and Matt Hayes. They examined artifacts of America's immigration history.

David Barton pulled out a book with guidelines for immigrants fleeing Europe for the United States in 1941. The ability to speak English was an absolute requirement then, and the only exception was persons who could not physically comply. He pointed out that having a language in common unifies a people.

There were also provisions for those who had failed to make a declaration of intention upon entering the U.S., provided they had complied in all other respects with immigration law. Barton said you used to be required to have a sponsor in the U.S. and someone to vouch for your character.

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