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Stu: Is Alex Jones really Bill Hicks?


The jaw-dropping similarities between Alex Jones and the late comedian Bill Hicks lead to a very conspiratorial conclusion. Stu Burguiere explored the mountain of cherry-picked evidence that suggests whatever he wants it to suggest for this segment.

Reputable sources like blogs and 4Chan have long suspected Jones is in fact, Hicks. Sure, it's reported that Hicks died in 1994 at age 32 of pancreatic cancer, but statistics from the American Cancer Society show he was far too young for this to be accepted at face value.

Hicks would have been 56 this year. Jones alleges he is 43 years old, but he looks like he's closer to, say, 56. Dental evidence, morphology, vocal patterns, the tendency toward angry outbursts and even mole distribution just scream the conclusion that THEY ARE THE SAME MAN.

Jones has even "jokingly" confessed that he is Bill Hicks on his show. He references his producer and friend Kevin Booth, who was also Bill Hicks' producer and friend.

As definitive proof that "Alex Jones" is just a big inside joke between Booth and Hicks, Stu cited projects "both" were working on shortly prior to Hicks' death.

But most damning is the foreshadowing of Jones' oft plugged orange drink, Tangy Tangerine. Bill Hicks joked about it in his stand-up, saying "When I'm done ranting about elite power that rules the planet under a totalitarian government that uses the media in order to keep people stupid, my throat gets parched. That's why I drink orange drink."

We're down the rabbit hole here, people.

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