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The media doesn't get it': Glenn Beck proves CNN's Brian Stelter isn't any different


Glenn Beck appeared on "Reliable Sources" with CNN's Brian Stelter on Sunday morning, but the interview quickly careened off course.

Hoping to bring a conservative perspective, Glenn was asked to discuss the immigration crisis at the southern border and the Trump voter's view. Stelter not only wouldn't let Glenn finish his answers to Stelter's questions, but also completely went off-topic and became combative with a business question about TheBlaze.

Ironically, Glenn had been trying to discuss how the media can better reach Americans of all viewpoints instead of encouraging outrage to increase ratings.

"The media doesn't get it, and I don't believe they ever will, " Glenn said on today's show. "They live in this bubble where they don't have to take time to consider other people's point of view."

Want the full story? Check out our explainer here and watch the CNN interview with Glenn below:

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