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The Nazis were the first environmental nazis


Nazis were lots of things -- most notably, murderous, genocidal maniacs. But they were also environmentalists, said Stu Burguiere on "The Wonderful World of Stu."

Paul Ehrlich famously predicted in "The Population Bomb" that we'd run out of food because we would have too many people. Hitler was also incredibly concerned about this, using it as an excuse to conquer his neighbors.

He said "The new reich would have to ... conquer with the German sword the soil that the German plow would till in order to provide our people with their daily bread."

Stu then cited a number of publications from the era of the Third Reich that contain environmental phraseology almost indistinguishable from today's.

The Germans of the time even had the same sentiments about those who did not wish to submit to government-mandated environmentalism. Wilhelm Lienenkamper  said "Those refusing the call of sacrifice are under attack, and rightly so. "

And Hermann Goering, famous for a few atrocities, also said of the environment "Only by the complete subjection of the individual to the service of the whole can the perpetuity of the community be assured."

Even when talking about forest conservation, the Nazis sound scary.

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