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The TSA is still failing badly -- maybe it's time to look to the Israelis


Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv is often the model security experts look to when planning security measures for airports in the United States and following major terrorist incidents like was witnessed in Brussels.

That's because Ben Gurion airport is touted as being one of the most secure airports in the world. The LA Times reported last year that the airport hasn't seen a terrorist incident since the 1970s.

Israel's impressive security measure was brought up once again after a public hearing in Washington revealed that the Transportation Security Administration fails 80 percent of screenings.

So what are the Israelis doing that Americans aren't? Profiling. They profile "based on appearance and behavior" and implement "multiple security screenings in the terminal and checkpoints in the general vicinity of the airport," wrote the LA Times in a piece titled, "Can Israeli-type security measures work at LAX and other U.S. airports?"

Today Pat discussed the tiny nation's strategy for securing citizens and travelers and questioned why we don't adopt the same strategy.

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