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TheBlaze host finds common ground with unlikely Beyonce


It's as if two universes collided Thursday on TheBlaze's Dana show — liberal artist Beyonce and heat-packing conservative Dana Loesch.

While the rest of the country lit up the Internet with questions and loud criticism Wednesday night about why pop powerhouse Beyonce was performing to a traditionally conservative CMA audience who mostly despise her politics, Dana immediately saw common ground: Guns.

Beyonce performed her song "Daddy Lessons," a track from her last album, which mentions the Second Amendment and is clearly about using guns as self defense "when trouble comes to town."

But daddy was no fool

And right before he died he said remember...

He said take care of your mother

Watch out for your sister

And that's when daddy looked at me...

With his gun, with his head held high

He told me not to cry

Oh, my daddy said shoot

"Her Black Lives Matter and police stance has earned her much deserved criticism, I understand that," Loesch said. "And I have been incredibly critical of her on that matter. But I'm not jumping down her throat for performing this particular track or the message behind it at the CMA's. And I don't feel that other people should, either.

"You know, if we are to weather the approaching storm — and make no mistake, no matter who is elected, the storm is already on it's way and just about upon us — we need to find common ground with some people."

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