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TheBlaze hosts mock New York's decision to stop testing its teachers for literacy

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Some of your favorite hosts from TheBlaze had some quick thoughts to share about the New York education system!

As TheBlaze reported earlier this month, New York's Board of Regents has recently voted to drop a teacher literacy test. Prospective teachers in New York no longer have to pass a basic reading and writing test in order to teach children reading and writing.

Critics of the test claim it unfairly targeted minorities. A study from 2014 found that 64 percent of white candidates passed the test on the first try, while only 46 percent of Hispanic candidates and 41 percent of black candidates passed successfully. Critics also decried the lack of minority teachers in the educational system in the first place and suggested doing away with the literacy test altogether in order to help hire more minorities.

However, Mona Davids, president of the New York City Parents Union, said, "We, Black and Latino parents, do not want teachers who cannot pass a basic literacy test. We don’t care about the color or race of the teacher, we want highly effective teachers teaching our children."

Our hosts shared their reactions to New York's decision, especially the effort to ensure minority applicants are able to qualify to become teachers at schools with higher proportions of minority students.

"Let's go back to segregation," Pat Gray said facetiously. "That worked so well, right?"

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