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Watch: These two simple things might 'fix America


Pat Gray is fed up with Congress.

“It pisses me off and I’m just so tired of it,” he barks in this video clip. “If they’d just let me do things the way I want to do them, I could fix America.”

According to Pat, the majority of America’s problems could be solved with two key policy changes. “One: Term limits,” he explained on “Pat Unleashed” today. “You can serve for 12 years and then you’re done.” The other, “You [congressional representatives] live in your district, right with your constituents," said Pat. "You live around the people you serve!"

Jeff Fisher, aka “Jeffy” agreed, saying, “That would fix so much, yes!” He added, “I believe that -- even aside from term limits -- that would help unbelievably.”

Hmmm. It does sound like a step in the right direction, but “fix America?” We’re not quite convinced. What are your thoughts?

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