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This is how much transgender medical care costs the military

Dana Loesch

The White House issued a memo Wednesday directing the Pentagon to implement new policies regarding transgender people in the military. Under the new policy, transgender individuals will be denied admittance into the military.

Additionally, transgender people who are currently serving in the military will be judged by their “deployability” to determine whether or not they will remain in the military. The memo defines deployablity as the ability to serve in a war zone, participate in exercises or live for months on a ship.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has been given six months to implement the new policies including an end end to military spending on transgender-specific medical treatments, which cost anywhere from “$6 to 8 million a year for transgender services because, once you start undergoing that transition, you are essentially a medical patient for life,” Dana Loesch said on "Dana" today.

Under former President Barack Obama, military medical care is provided for the treatment of gender dysphoria, a condition recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a medical issue, which is treated with transition therapy and reassignment surgery. “You can be rejected from the military for far less than having gender dysphoria,” said guest panelist Brandon Morse.

Guest-panelist Antonia Okafor noted, "It's not a political issue for [the military.] It's about military readiness."

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