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Tillerson issues ultimatum to Russia: Pick Assad or America

Dana Loesch

Moscow claims its relationship with the US is the worst it has been since the Cold War and Vladimir Putin has asked the United Nations to investigate the Syrian attack. Russia has denied Syria was behind the chemical weapons attack and claims to have evidence the US is planning more strikes in Syria.

Meanwhile, The Washington Free Beacon reported today that Russia is playing a major role in covering up its involvement. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued an ultimatum during the G7 discussions, demanding that Russia needs to choose a side: Assad or America.

Alexander Vershbow, former NATO deputy Secretary General and US Ambassador to both NATO and Russia, joined Dana Loesch to discuss the rising tensions between Russia and the US. Dana asked how he thought Russia was reacting to the ultimatum.

"They don't seem to be taking it too well," Vershbow said, noting that Russia is primarily interested in propping up Syria as a basis for expanding their influence in the Middle East, but predicted that "the war will never end if Assad is still there."

Expressing concern of a genocide if the US creates a vacuum of power by removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Dana wondered how we would replace the Syrian leader.

"Clearly you don't want the terror factions taking over," Vershbow acknowledged. "Have a transitional administration for six months, a year, and then organize elections and then hopefully some responsible, moderate political figures will emerge."

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