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Transgender people are suing Ohio with the ACLU's help. You already know why.

Glenn Beck

What’s going on?

Four people are suing the state of Ohio for not allowing them to change the sex on their birth certificates. Ohio is one of three states that doesn’t let people change their birth certificate (along with Tennessee and Kansas).

The ACLU filed the lawsuit Thursday on behalf of four transgender people who are Ohio natives. They say that not being able to change the sex on their birth certificate has caused legal problems and been an issue at work.

Suing science and basic biology?

The conservative advocacy group Citizens for Community Values has criticized the ACLU for using “junk science” to make their case.

"With this lawsuit, the ACLU is sacrificing medical accuracy for political ideology by attempting to force the state to falsify official records," President Aaron Baer said in a statement. "A birth certificate that doesn't accurately reflect the biological realities of an individual becomes a meaningless, if not harmful document."

Glenn’s take:

This lawsuit isn’t about supporting people who struggle with gender dysphoria; it’s about politics trumping biology.

“There is an X and a Y chromosome, and those things never change,” Glenn said. “Your personal gender identity may change, but that does not change the sex or who you were when you were born.”

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