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Trump is not Hitler, leftists


Many anti-Trumpers out there have so much hatred for the President that they have taken to comparing him to Adolf Hitler. But is he really akin to the evil dictator? Allie Stuckey, the Conservative Millennial, tackled the differences.

It helps to know who Adolf Hitler actually was and what fascism is before we accuse anyone of being either. Some people might be surprised to find that they themselves espouse the tenets of fascism.

Allie also cautioned that to compare Hitler, a man responsible for genocide, to the president of a free nation whose policies we disagree with is insulting to victims of the Third Reich.

The Holocaust was not about being offended. People who don't agree with you are not genocidal. Be sensitive to those who went through true horror.

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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