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United Airlines adds arachnids to their list of passenger endangerment

Dana Loesch

Another day, another drama for United Airlines. This time it a passenger being stung by a scorpion that had fallen out of an overhead compartment. The offending creature was dispatched by a quick stomping and flushing.

On "Dana" today, Dana Loesch and her panel discuss ways to make flying safer, or at least capitalize on United's recent customer service tendencies.

Lawrence Jones outed Dana's plane sanitation procedure, sharing that she holds up boarding by wiping down all the surfaces. "You're probably better off eating a sandwich off a toilet," Dana retorted. Planes are indeed notoriously germ-laden.

Allie Stuckey jokingly expressed the hope that something would happen to Dana simply because it would make a good story. John Gibson would prefer it happened to him, as retirement fast approaches, prompting Dana to announce to her audience "John's volunteering to get beat!"

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