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Watch: Democrats are demanding action -- but doing nothing


In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Democratic leaders are under renewed pressure to crack down on the Second Amendment. But is that really what the majority of American people want? The statistics say otherwise. So why do the Democrats keep returning to the same talking points?

“There’s a great book ... called ‘The Politics of Doing Nothing,’ and that’s exactly what this is all about,” said Matt Larosiere, Legal Analyst and Young Voices advocate, on today’s “Dana.” He added, “A lot of the Democrats are just demanding action. It looks great but they’re doing nothing.”

“Where do we go from here as a nation?” asked Lawrence Jones, who was filling in for Dana Loesch today. “There was a time, when national tragedies happened, we typically came together. It was not about politics … we come together and we handle this as Americans -- not as partisans, just Americans. When are we going to start doing that?”

Excellent question, Lawrence. When are we going to start doing that?

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