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Watch: Former Trump aide has depraved 24-hour media meltdown

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Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg made the news rounds yesterday for lambasting key figures in the Trump administration after he was subpoenaed by Robert Mueller on Monday.

All interviews were no-holds-barred as Nunberg spewed not so flattering information about the Trump administration and Hope Hicks' relationship with former Trump aide Corey Lewandowski. CNN's Jake Tapper pressed Nunberg on why he's refusing to cooperate with Mueller's subpoena and CNN's Erin Burnett accused him of smelling of alcohol during an interview.

Many in the media, including Ben Shapiro, were perplexed as to whether or not a disgruntled Nunberg was exploited by the media.

"It was a breathtaking spate of nuttiness," wrote Ben Shapiro for The Daily Wire.

"But it raised a serious question: should members of the media have even put Nunberg on-air? Nunberg was obviously paranoid and likely delusional. All of which led Jim VandeHei of Axios to tweet:"

"The case against putting him on-air: the networks actually thought he was nuts and put him on-air. That’s malfeasance of the highest order. If you believe someone has a serious problem, putting them on-air for the ratings is an act of immorality; it turns the news business into a freak show," Shapiro assterted.

To see a compilation of the bizarre interviews, watch above.

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