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Watch: Gun control? Armed teachers? Here’s why no one solution will make schools safer


One side is calling for gun control, and the other is saying we need to arm teachers in schools – would either give us the magic solution to stopping school shootings?

On today’s show, Craig Gundry of Critical Intervention Services explained why we need multiple solutions to help keep students safer. School shootings are a complex problem that can’t solved with any quick fix. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • Watching for problem students whose anger may escalate if they’re simply expelled from school
  • Updating door locks on classrooms so teachers can quickly lock them from the inside
  • Installing an on-site professional responder so the school isn’t waiting for a 911 response

Gundry called on parents to pressure their school districts to implement these doable safety measures instead of being distracted by one facet of the debate. Listen to his full interview here for more:

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