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Watch: Here's how antifa went from trying to stop Hitler to throwing poop-bombs at Starbucks

Glenn Beck

During World War II, the United States teamed up with Joseph Stalin - the brutal communist dictator of the Soviet Union who was responsible for the deaths of millions of his own citizens - in order to defeat Hitler.  That was a case of the ends justifying the means -- wasn't it?

"Few would argue that violence wasn't justified in fighting Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, or even Mussolini's rule in Italy. Their fascism was clearly evil. If antifa's primary goal was to make sure that the world never saw another Nazi regime, what's wrong with that?" said Glenn on today's show. "But why are they [antifa] now classified as a domestic terrorist group in the US? How did they get from trying to stop Hitler, to smashing windows at a Starbucks in Washington DC?"

All this week, Glenn breaks out the chalkboard for an in-depth look into ‘antifa.’ Watch the video clip above for a glimpse into today’s show. To see the full episodes, visit his channel on TheBlaze or watch “Glenn” live weekdays 5–6 p.m. ET or anytime on-demand at TheBlaze TV.

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