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Watch: Glenn breaks out the chalk to talk 'antifa' -- then and now

Glenn Beck

What is antifa?

In this segment from today's show, Glenn goes back to the chalkboard give us the lowdown on modern-day antifa groups as well as the origins of the anti-fascist movement. Antifa, short for anti-fascist, is the name for a "loose association of dozens of individual organizations," whose purpose is to "oppose fascism," said Glenn.

What do they mean by 'fascism'?

Here's how Yvette Felarca, the leader of a California antifa group called 'By Any Means Necessary' defines 'fascism.' "So a fascist is someone who is organizing a mass movement that's attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups, in a movement of genocide," said Yvette on Tucker Carlson Tonight. "It's someone who is committing violence and trying to organize other people to commit violence."

"Well, Yvette, by your own definition you would be a fascist," said Glenn, showing a video of the antifa leader (who is also a middle school teacher) inciting one of two violent protests for which she is now facing charges.

When did they start?

"Antifa has been around for a really long time, even here in the United States," said Glenn, adding, "The original antifa groups in Europe formed to combat this man: Mussolini."

All this week, Glenn breaks out the chalkboard for an in-depth look into ‘antifa.’ Watch the video clip above for a glimpse into today’s show. To see the full episodes, visit his channel on TheBlaze or watch “Glenn” live weekdays 5–6 p.m. ET or anytime on-demand at TheBlaze TV.

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