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Watch: ‘If you really care’: Doc challenges Democrat senator who slammed Trump’s DHS secretary

Doc Thompson

What happened?

In a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) slammed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after she said she didn’t remember the president saying “s***hole” during a discussion about immigration.

President Donald Trump reportedly expressed frustration that people from “s***hole countries” were being allowed to come to the U.S. and said more immigrants should come from places like Norway. The White House has denied the comments, but Sens. Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham, who were at the meeting, have confirmed that the report was accurate.

“Your silence and your amnesia is complicity,” Booker said while using his full time to criticize Trump’s reported comments and Nielsen’s denials.

Doc’s take:

On today’s show, Doc and Kal played the clip, and Doc had a challenge for Booker.

“Senator, if you really care about all people hurting … you would realize that what you’re saying here hurts a lot of people as well,” Doc said. “When you say some of this crap, when you use statistics that you know are twisted and biased … you’re part of the divide.”

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