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Watch: ‘Mysterious element’? New documentary investigates reported alien encounters


Outer space is an endless source of fascination, especially when you’re talking about the potential for alien life.

On today’s show, “Alien Intrusion” author Gary Bates talked about his journey from atheist and skeptic to believer in the Christian faith – and researcher into alien encounters. When so many people from around the world without any connection report similar experiences and are diagnosed PTSD after these “visitations,” there must be something to their stories.

“There is a mysterious element. … You’d have to be then the grossest skeptic to say, ‘Well, they’re all having exactly the same nightmares and psychological delusions,'” Bates said. “It just does not add up.”

His research about these accounts became the documentary “Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception,” which is coming to theaters tonight for a one-night movie event.

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