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Watch: Do UFO ‘sightings’ make you question your faith? Doc has an epic response


What’s going on?

Aliens have been in the news a lot lately. As if 2016 weren’t crazy enough, it came out late last year that the government spent $22 million on a program researching UFO sightings. Yep, Sen. Rand Paul also couldn’t believe that he hadn’t heard about it earlier.

Are UFOs real?

Yes and no. The government has reported unexplained sightings of aircraft (and even has some video footage), but that doesn’t yet mean that extraterrestrial life exists.

If you can’t get enough of alien coverage, the documentary “Alien Intrusion” takes a look at the many accounts of UFO sightings and interactions with “strange entities.” Author Gary Bates has a theory to explain this phenomenon and ties it to our need to believe in the “otherworldly.” The new documentary is coming to theaters as a special event on Thursday.

Aliens vs. faith?

On today’s show, Doc and Kal talked about the revived interest in extraterrestrial life and debated whether believing in the possibility of aliens conflicts with your faith. Watch the clip (above) to see why Doc thinks this is a “trivial argument” in the sense that it doesn’t need to undermine your beliefs.

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