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Radical activist against religious freedom nominated for EEOC role by Trump

Glenn Beck

What’s going on?

President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is an open advocate for “sexual liberty” over religious freedom..

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has called on Trump to withdraw her nomination, saying that her “radical views on marriage and the appropriate use of government power place her far outside even the liberal mainstream.”

Who is the nominee?

Commissioner Chai Feldblum began serving on the EEOC under the Obama administration in 2010. Her second term will end this July.

Last year, Trump nominated her to a third term; if she is confirmed by the Senate, Feldblum will serve until 2023.

What does the EEOC do?

The EEOC is the federal agency that deals with workplace discrimination cases. It has the power to enforce federal laws related to discrimination; investigate discrimination charges; and influence public opinion through outreach and education.

Key quotes from Feldblum:  

  • I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win… Sexual liberty should win in most cases (emphasis added). There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner.”
  • “I believe granting liberty to gay people advances a compelling government interest, that such an interest cannot be adequately advanced if ‘pockets of resistance’ to a societal statement of equality are permitted to flourish, and hence that a law that permits no individual exceptions based on religious beliefs will be the least restrictive means of achieving the goal of liberty for gay people (emphasis added).”

Glenn’s take:

If you’re conservative, religious or even simply a believer in the First Amendment, you need to oppose this Trump nominee.

Gay people should never be forced to live a certain way, but people who are religious should also not be forced to violate their beliefs. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and learn to tolerate each other.

“They cannot force others to live a certain way,” Glenn said. “There is no idea that should be terrifying. … What terrifies me in today’s world are people [who] believe that only their idea is the right idea.”

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